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Natec Stickcutter

The new Natec Stickcutter is designed to produce sticks out of processed cheese and other products. This continuous cutting system complements the Natec FreeSlice systems and Natec Scheibli systems (Chill rolls). (Both are plants for the production of SOS products – slice on slice).
The new design guarantees high flexibility in slice thickness and formats and enables sticks, or similar shapes of variable sizes to be produced. The exact formats are forwarded to the following packing station without damaging the product.
Also the hygienic design with its easily removable belts enables the machine to be cleaned and handled without difficulty.

 Unique selling points
The Natec Stickcutter enables sticks to be produced in a continuous production process
Inline-production: forming, cooling and cutting
Production of sticks of exact dimensions
Smooth handling of product, no deformation, no abrasion
Capacity - up to 1,800 kg/hr
(depending on formats, temperature and slice thickness)
- up to 150 cuts per minute
- maximum width of the cheese belt:  1,100 mm
Formats Cube formats: - edge length: from 8 mm to 12 mm 
Stick formats:  - thickness: infinitely adjustable from 
                            2 mm to 12 mm
                           - widths: 3 mm to 1,100 mm
                           - length: infinitely adjustable from 8 mm to
                             500 mm, (longer formats on request)

(all formats are dependent on cheese temperature and recipe)
Products - processed cheese
Machine dimensions/-weight length:      2,000 mm
width:        2,100 mm
height:      1,500 mm
weight:     1,100 kg


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