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Natec Separating Machine

The Natec Separating Machine is designed to separate packed processed cheese from the packaging material in case of rework. The Separating Machine can be loaded with single packed IWS slices, with or without the secondary packaging, processed cheese wedges, or processed cheese in plastic cups.
Loading by screw conveyor is recommended for IWS slices because of the possibility of heating up the product via steam nozzles in the housing of the screw. This improves the rate of yield.
For the other products we recommend loading the separating machine, using a conveyor belt with studs.

 Unique selling points
The Natec Separating Machine guarantees hygienic, cost-effective production and high productivity
Loading by screw conveyor or conveyor belt
For rework with or without packing material
Reduces rework costs
Separating machine
Capacity - Type  410:      200 – 300 kg/hr only for single IWS slices
- Type 1400:     600 – 900 kg/hr for IWS packages up to       
                            10 slices, wedges and cups up to 400 g
Options - An available alternative to the stainless steel conveyor
  shown, is a conveyor belt with studs 
- In general both feeding systems can be built in a mobile
  design to make them exchangeable according to the
Machine dimensions/-weight length:     3,398 mm
width:          800 mm
height:     2,778 mm
weight:       450 kg


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