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Natec Pre-Grinder

The Natec Pre-Grinder is designed to cut raw cheese and butter into fist-sized pieces. The Pre-Grinder is able to grind blocks and barrel goods with a temperature up to -20°C.
As a result of this shredding process the grinder beneath is able to continuously grind all these products. The minimum temperature for the grinder is -8°C.
There is a signal exchange between Pre-Grinder and Grinder to make sure that the grinder always has the correct filling level.
The lifting device is controlled by this system too, to make sure that overloading of the Pre-Grinder is not possible.

 Unique selling points
The Natec Pre-Grinder guarantees hygienic, cost-effective production and high productivity
High operator comfort und trouble-free production
Grinds blocks and cheese barrels
Capacity - maximum batch size: 800 l
- capacity can be adjusted via frequency converter,
  (depending on the product)
Products - frozen butter
- cheese blocks
- cheese barrels
Options - lifting device for 200/300 kg carts
- ISO-carts are available 200/300 litre (volume)
- lifting device for container feeding
- feeding via conveyor possible
Machine dimensions/-weight length:      7,350 mm
width:        3,900 mm
height:      5,450 mm
weight:     2,500 kg


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