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Hochland Natec - intelligent food technology with a long history

Georg Summer and Robert Reich founded the Hochland cheese factory.
The first Hochland product was a 2 kg block of processed Emmental cheese. Within short time the range of product had been enlarged with the production of processed cheese wedges. In the following years further production sites had been established  all over Europe. Today Hochland produces on 13 production sites all over the world and is one of the largest and leading manufacturer of processed cheese in Europe.
Hochland production site of  1931
Hochland production site of 1931
Hochland establised their own machine building company Natec. The foundation of the machine building company as a subsidiary is a proof for the company's innovative force. As the special machines with sufficient capacity and hygienic design were not available on the world-market Hochland decided to design them by themselves securing a technological advance. Hochland Natec factory - today
Hochland Natec factory - today
Today Hochland Natec employs about 90 employees, who develop, design, build and sell the special machines for production, processing and packing of processed cheese. The direct access to the Hochland production site offers the unique advantage of continuous improvement of our machines in maintenance, hygienic, operating and production safety. Hochland site with Natec building
Hochland site with Natec building
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