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Natec SOS FreeStacker S180

The new Natec SOS FreeStacker S180 was designed to fulfil the new and faster speed requirements of the Natec FreeSlice systems. The automatic stacker can be also used as a self-supporting unit. The stacker is able to stack single stacks into one big stack. After stacking, the system is also able to group the stacks into groups of 2 to 6 stacks (also single stacks are possible). No additional operator will be needed to run the stacking system – this can be handled by the operator of the FreeSlice system and/or the operator of the wrapper. The final formats are fed to the downstream wrapper.

 Unique selling points
The Natec FreeStacker S180 offers high format flexibility
Setting of formats without any rebuilding work
Stacking and grouping possible with one stacker
No additional operator required
FreeStacker S180
Capacity - minimum stacking height: 15 mm
- grouping of 2 – 6 stacks into one final stack
- feeding: 20 up to 180 stacks/min.
- grouping: up to 90 stacks/min. (depending on the formats)
Grouping 2 – 6 stacks, 60 – 400 mm (also single stacks are possible)
Stack formats length:                    min. 60 mm – max. 100 mm
width:                      min. 64 mm – max. 100 mm
height:                    min. 15 mm – max.   70 mm
multiple stacks:   30 mm up to 100 mm height
Options - moveable design
- left-hand design available
- double-line version available
Machine dimensions/-weight length:       3,300 mm
width:         1,000 mm
height:       1,700 mm
weight:          800 kg


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