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Natec Dosing tank

The Natec dosing tank serves as collection container/receiver tank for the Natec FreePack and the Natec FreeSlice machines, as well as for other filling machines. The dosing tank is placed directly in front of the filling machine. The dosing tank will be filled over a Natec Batchcooker or a Natec Conticooker. The product pump is controlled of the downstream filling machine. Over the Natec dosing tank the creaming of the cheese product can be controlled over the filling level and the coolable resp. heatable double-jacket wall. The dosing tank is available in different executions.  As standard size we offer a tank volume of 120 or 225 liters. For the cleaning of the tank and the product pipes a CIP-pump is installed. The dosing tank is also available with cover (shown on the picture below). The hygienic design guarantees a save and comfortable production.

 Unique selling points
The Natec dosing tank guarantees hygienic and trouble-free production
Can be used for all customary cheese types
Cleaning with or without CIP possible
Execution with or without cover
With or without double-jacket wall
Dosing tank
Capacity - tank volume: 120 liters
- tank volume: 225 liters
- other volumes on request
Products - all customary cheese types
Options - cover
- CIP-cleaning
- double-jacket wall for heating and cooling
- two independently working product pumps
Machine dimension/-weight length:                1,700 mm
width:                  1,500 mm
height:                2,100 mm
weight:                   750 kg


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