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RotaTherm Continuous Cooker

The RotaTherm® continuous cooking system by Gold Peg International, quickly and evenly heats the formulation to the aim temperature with its unique direct steam Fusion Technology, and then set Point vacuum cools for filling. The system is supplied on a single compact skid with a small footprint.

This continuous cooker delivers less processed 'fresher' end product, increased yield and low waste and offers process flexibility and precise automated control to achieve commercial Standards with optimal quality.

The RotaTherm® Cooks in a single stage up to 100°C (for pasteurization), or up to 145°C (for UHT products), and cools to the aim filling temperature to feed a wide range of filling systems.

 Unique selling points
Fast even heating (10-20secs)
Single stage UHT
no visible air bubbles in the finished product thanks to integrated vacuum system
run times in a range from 20 - 72 hours
Capacity available for ranges from 150 - 8,000kg/h
Product processed cheese:  - IWS/ SOS slices
                                     - spreadable cheese (triangles, jars,
                                                                             tubs, bars)
Options - extended long run up to 156 hours
- ingredient dosing
- polypropylene 'flash' vessel
Machine dimensions depending on execution

To read more detail visit the RotaTherm on Gold Peg's web pages


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