Natec Batchcooker SC 50

The Natec SC Batchcooker system is particularly designed for the production of all types of SOS, IWS, Pasta filata typ or analogue cheese which need low mechanical treatment.

All ingredients are gently mixed by two augers, the speed and rotating direction of which can be individually adjusted. High flexibility and different Options like an additional shear pump for products like spreadable cheese make this cooker a multifunctional cooker for any kind of product.  

During the mixing process the ingredients are heated via several steam nozzles to a max. temperature of 98°C. After heating, temperature and air blows are reduced via the integrated vacuum unit.

 Unique selling points
multifunctional cooker for any kind of processed and Pasta filata type cheese products
hygienic design guarantees safe and cost-effective production
different automatic programs and easily adjustable process
no visible air bubbles in the finished product thanks to integrated vacuum system
Connection to additional components possible (shear pump and emulsifier)
Batchcooker SC 60
Capacity Type SC 50      20-50 l/batch
4 - 6 batches/hr (depending on the product)
Product processed cheese:  - any IWS/ SOS cheese
                                     - spreadable cheese
                                     - other cheese types are possible
Options - Teflon coating for Batchcooker SC 50
- double jacket for indirect heating and cooling
- shear pump
- buffering tank / 130 litre hopper with product pump
- load cells for exact dosage and retraceability
- possibility of tilting the vessel for quick discharging and handling small batch sizes
- steam conditioning unit


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