Natec FreeSlice 300

The new Natec FreeSlice system is the New Generation of producing Slice on Slice (SOS) products and will replace the old chill-roll systems. The Natec FreeSlice 300 system had been designed for the product development and as a pilot plant for the production of small quantities. The modular system enables different additional components to be connected, such as the cross cutting system for SOS slices, or a Cubecutter for the production of cubes and shreds. The system includes a complete cooling system. Thus the machine can be operated at different places and will be ready-to-operate immediately.

 Unique selling points
The FreeSlice 300 system had been designed as a pilot plant and for the production of small quantities
The plant can be easily moved to other production places
Pausing and restart without rework possible
Cooling unit included, primary cooling with fresh water or glycol
Different formats possible
Different products possible
FreeSlice 300
Capacity up to 300 kg/hr (SOS, cubes and shreds)
maximum effective width: 400 mm, e.g. 5 cheese belts of 76 mm width
Products - Processed cheese
(SOS slices, cubes, sticks and shreds)
Slice thickness infinitely adjustable from 1 mm - 12 mm, depending on recipe and final product temperature
Options - Natec CrossCutter XC
- Natec SOS FreeStacker S180
- Natec CubeCutter 300
Machine dimensions/-weight length: 1,250 mm
width:   1,080 mm
height:  2,000 mm
weight: 1,500 kg (including cooling unit)


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