Natec IWS Mixstacker

The new Natec IWS Mixstacker is designed to mix inline and automatically two different individually-wrapped cheese types into one stack which will be finally overwrapped. The system complements the existing Natec FreePack 2000 and enables innovative mixes of new product ranges to be created.
One FreePack 2000 (double-lane version) is able to produce two different cheese types at the same time (one type on each lane). Over the Natec IWS Mixstacker these stacks are merged into one stack.

 Unique selling points
The Natec IWS Mixstacker works synchronously with the FreePack 2000
Production of regular mono packages and mixed packages
Enables high flexibility and  innovative production
No additional operator required
Capacity total capacity: 125 final stacks/min. with two
  different cheese types
- feeding from the FreePack 2000 with
  125 stacks/min./lane (2 individual lanes with 
  eg. 5 slices/stack, which will be finally stacked together 
  in one stack of 10 slices in the Natec IWS Mixstacker)
Product formats/-weight - all standard IWS formats
- maximum height per single stack: 30 mm
- 4 slices to max. 10 slices per stack before mixing
- Final packing: 8 to 20 slices
- maximum height for mono production: 75 mm
Machine dimensions/-weight length:     1,800 mm
width:          800 mm
height:     1,200 mm
weight:        350 kg


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