Natec CrossCutter XC

The Natec CrossCutter XC is able to continuouly cut stacked cheese ribbons to a preset length. The processed cheese ribbons coming from the Natec FreeSlice or other SOS equipment are cut absolutely exact and straight prior to being transported to the next Station by the conveyor belt.

The CrossCutter XC offers a high Performance and is able to cut different variations of processed cheese (SOS) stacks.

Even a diagonal cut of the stacked cheese ribbons is optionally available.

As the CrossCutter XC is a stand alone unit, it is possible to install it independently between the SOS machine and the SOS Stacker or Flowpacker.

 Unique selling points
up to 180 cuts/Minute of stacked cheese ribbons at a max. height of 100mm
USDA approval available on request
different cutting lengths can be set at the PLC
Capacity - up to 180 cuts/min.
Formats und thickness - cutting length: infinitely adjustable from 35mm - 305mm
- maximum stack height: 100mm
Products - processed cheese
Machine dimensions length:      1,100mm
width:        1,200mm
height:      1,540mm


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